Forging new paths

The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Building, the imprint and leftovers of the Berlin Wall - these are just a few of the historical points of interest to see in Berlin. But beyond the markings of history and heritage, you’ll discover a Berlin that has been slowly evolving into a new kind of destination over the last two decades. Aficionados of dance music will tell you that out of anywhere in the world, Berlin is the place to be. Add the Festival of Lights into the mix, and you have a definite contender for your bucket list.

What you'll need

A valid passport and, depending on your nationality, a visa

Best time to go

May to September

Travel tip

Check out the ancient Dorotheenstaft Cemetery for a different kind of history lesson

Essentials to pack

Comfortable shoes and a reliable camera

Top sights

Check out some of the most impressive landmarks, adrenaline-pumping activities, inspiring views and fascinating exhibits this city has on offer.

1The Brandenburg Gate
2Museum Island
3The Berlin Wall Memorial
4Charlottenburg Palace
5Unter den Linden
6The Gendarmenmarkt
7The Rebuilt Reichstag
8Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
9Berlin Cathedral Church
10The French Cathedral

Berlin Hotels

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